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If you’re looking for something slhtly more glamourous to fit your historical career aspirations (sorry archivists), you mht want to work in the film industry.

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Production Assistants or Consultants help ensure that any historical references are factual, whether it be checking scripts to confirm the accuracy of dates or language used, or checking that all costumes and make-up is period-appropriate, and that sets are dressed correctly without any historical inaccuracies.

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It involves investation, excavation, exploration, and lots of other words that end with the suffix ‘ation’. A number of different organisations need to preserve important records.

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And whether working for the local government, an academic institution or a museum, the ability to keep documents clear, concise, protected and develop an easy-to-use indexing system all hold paramount importance. They just often deal with much older, more delicate and niche material. Many positions will also require you to have a postgraduate qualification accredited by the Archives and Records Association (ARA).

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